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Oxnard Hyundai
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Oxnard Hyundai: New Hyundai and Used Car Dealer in Oxnard, California

Oxnard Hyundai is one of the top dealerships in Oxnard, CA known for exceptional pre-sale and after-sale services. Whether you want to purchase a new or a pre-owned car, you will find Hyundai Oxnard to be the right dealership.

Unparalleled Customer Service

The passion that drives the staff at Oxnard cannot be understated. From the initial contact with any staff at the dealership, you will feel like a VIP. The fact that Oxnard Hyundai treats all car owners as family says something about the service it provides. When you call the dealership, you will be assigned to a representative who will help you with your queries. That is not all; should you schedule a visit to the showroom the rep will be on hand to welcome you, show you the models they have, and help you until the moment you drive off in your dream Hyundai.

Range of Models Available

Regardless of the Hyundai model you are looking for, Oxnard has it. If the model is not available at the dealership, plans will be made to have it delivered to you. The dealership has a wide range of Hyundais, from coupes to SUVs. If you have not settled on any particular model, the staff will help you find one that meets your requirements. If you are looking to buy a Hyundai, you cannot go wrong at Oxnard Hyundai.


Oxnard Hyundai sells all the popular Hyundai models at just the right prices. The cars at the dealership are competitively priced. No other dealership offers better bargains than Oxnard. Moreover, if you need financing, the dealership has great packages that will suit your needs. Their credit manager will walk you through the available financing options to get you started with the process of owning your dream Hyundai.

Repair and Maintenance Services

The team at the dealership is passionate about cars and its work. This is very evident in the quality of work done when you bring your car for servicing or repair. Everything is top quality, from the genuine spare parts used to the exceptional service. When you bring your car for repair or servicing, you can rest assured that it will be fitted with genuine spare parts and serviced by professional mechanics. If the repair is a complicated issue, the dealership will inform you early enough and get you an alternative car as they work on your vehicle. This way, you do not have to stick around and waste valuable time waiting for your car to be fixed.


One part of the dealership’s mission statement is that the business treats all Hyundai owners as family. Another part indicates their passion for the make. You are not required to have bought your car from Oxnard to get exceptional services. As long as you have a Hyundai, you will receive the same exceptional services that car buyers at the dealership get. The staff at Oxnard Hyundai is very friendly; you will feel at home.

Oxnard Hyundai is an exceptional car dealership that offers more than just Hyundai cars for sale. The dealership’s services are exceptional, and the staff is wonderful. The dealership puts its clients’ needs first, and nothing beats this in the business world. For more information about us, explore our site, call us at 888-457-2051, or walk into our showroom at 1601 E. Ventura Blvd. Oxnard, California 93036. 

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